People who have been injured and are claimants in personal injury cases require the help of personal injury legal specialists. Plaintiffs who received their injury in airplane or boating accidents can take advantage of greater legal specialization with the help of aviation and maritime attorneys. They can help victims and their families recover money and other compensation from aviation (airplane) and maritime (boating) accidents as well as the less specialized cases of injury from automobiles, buses, SUVs, cars, bikes, motorcycles, trains, product defects, libel, slander and defamation, toxic chemicals and substances, slips and falls, and other personal injuries. They assist with every aspect of a personal injury matter, from insurance claims to lawsuits and court trials. Aviation attorneys also deal with aviation manufacturers, facilities, flight schools, and pilots and can represent clients before the Federal Aviation Administration. Maritime lawyers deal with injuries on oil rigs, ships, barges, ferries, fishing and shrimp boats, trawlers, and tankers.

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