Considering a Divorce?

You’ve reached the point of considering a divorce or you’ve come to terms with the decision to file for divorce. Before you even pick up the phone to call an attorney there are some things you need to know before you go forward.

In some marriages one spouse primarily takes responsibility for all the finances, from paying the bills to filing the taxes. We will call this spouse the finance spouse. In these marriages the non-finance spouse hasn’t even thought twice about where documents are located. Well, once the finance spouse gets a letter from your attorney or is served with a summons, many documents will disappear from the home. Of course these documents can be obtained through discovery, but it will make your life and your attorney’s job easier if you already have copies of these documents.

Below are some questions you should ask yourself if you are contemplating a divorce. If you are unsure where documents are it’s something you want to look into. Do not remove documents from the house, just make copies of everything for yourself and keep them in a safe place – probably out of the marital residence. If you don’t know where any of the documents are located, don’t panic just start taking a more active interest in these matters.

Do you know or know where to find…
1.Your marriage license or certificate?
2.Records showing title to the marital residence?
3.How much you paid for the marital residence?
4.What the marital residence’s current market value is?
5.Records showing title to additional real estate owned by you and/or your spouse?
6.Real and personal property tax receipts?
7.Income tax returns for the past four years?
8.Titles to automobiles, boats, etc.?
9.Your social security number?
10.Your spouse’s social security number?
11.Social security numbers of each of your children?
12.Your spouse’s annual income?
13.Does your spouse have a pension?
14.Retirement account information?
15. Your spouse’s and your life insurance policies?
16.What medical, accident, and health insurance covers your family?
17.The life, accident, health and other group insurance from your spouse’s and/or your employer?
18.Stock certificates, corporate bonds, and/or government bonds?
19.The location and number of any safe deposit box in your spouse’s name, your name or joint names?
20.All family and individual bank accounts, including the bank location, the titles of the accounts, and the account numbers?
21.The name and address of the accountant whom you and your spouse employ on personal and/or business affairs?
22.The name and address of the preparer of your tax returns?
23.Your spouse’s various business interests, including percentage of ownership, rights upon death or the death of an associate, and whether such businesses are operated as corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorship?

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