How to Find the Right Lawyer

With thousand of lawyers in the Long Island area it is sometimes overwhelming trying to figure out which one to chose. Many base their decision on price which could be very costly in the end.

There’s an old adage “buy cheap buy twice”. That could very well apply to this situation, but the problem is that once you lose the case you may not have the opportunity to go to court again.

The N.Y Lawyers Directory ( ) for example narrows down your list by Areas of Practice in a rather simple directory. If you are looking for a Divorce attorney just go to the directory and scroll down to Divorce. There is also some rather interesting articles and information as well on the site that could help you down the road.

I suggest that before you hire anyone you actually go to their office, sit down and discuss the case with them. They may sound great on the phone, but once face to face you may change your mind. Remember, this person will be representing you in court possibly one day.

I also suggest you do not just meet one attorney. Take a few hours and schedule a couple of appointments. Listen to what each one has to offer and get ideas. Just meeting an attorney can shed light on issues you never thought of.

No matter what you do, don’t rush and make a quick decision. This is not something you want to move fast on. If you have the time then do yourself a favor and do it right. The last thing you want is to lose a case because of a quick bad decision.

The right law firm can make a very stressful situation mush easier on you. They can handle everything you need and give you peace of mind knowing that you are being represented in a professional manor. You should base your decision from the Secretary to the Paralegal to the Attorney. You want everything to run smooth. You don’t want voicemails, being put on hold then disconnected, unanswered questions, etc. Remember, they work and again, represent YOU.

I deal with many attorneys Nationwide and some I have a great chemistry with immediately just over the phone. Some immediately rub you the wrong way just by their tone of voice. I can help you narrow down your search as well as I work with many firms locally.

The Paralegal Center can help you in many ways, but we can not give legal advice or appear in court for you. I am not an attorney but my knowledge of the law can save you thousands of dollars and many hours of work. Please contact us if you have any questions at 631-236-9012.


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